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Leveraging Our Experience To Protect Children And Families

Last updated on September 9, 2022

Photo of Attorney Sheryl Miears and Family in Court
Working through the family law system can be intimidating and frightening. The future of those you care about most could depend upon the outcomes of your case. This is especially true when children are involved. At The Miears Law Firm, our husband-and-wife legal team balances compassion with aggressive advocacy for clients throughout Tarrant County, Dallas County, Collin County, Denton County, Fannin County, Grayson County and Johnson County.

As a former lawyer for CPS, our family law attorney, Sheryl Miears, knows how the process works. She maintains connections within the department and can leverage this information to help you navigate the system efficiently. She is passionate about helping families, parents and children move forward from family law matters by providing individualized, responsive representation each step of the way.

Putting The Welfare Of Your Child First

Family law matters involving children carry a weight of responsibility for all parties to operate within the child’s best interests. This can be particularly challenging when emotions run high for the adults involved. Sheryl Miears has extensive experience guiding families toward positive outcomes in cases involving children.

Some of the cases she has worked with over the years include:

  • Custody and visitation issues
  • Establishment or termination of guardianship for minors
  • Grandparent rights, including visitation and adoption
  • Foster parent and stepparent adoption
  • Child abuse

If your legal matter involves children, it is particularly important to secure an attorney who understands the long-term emotional and legal effects that the outcome of your case could have on those involved.

Qualified To Handle Intervention Cases

It can be overwhelming when CPS takes a child entrusted to your care and places your loved one in a shelter or other foster home. You may be able to intervene in a CPS case and have the child placed in your home if you meet state requirements.

Navigating the system can be difficult without substantial experience, but Sheryl Miears has the insight necessary to help you. Because she is recognized as the go-to attorney for CPS cases throughout the area, the majority of her clients are referred by other lawyers and former clients.

Whether you are a foster parent, grandparent or close relative of a child involved in a CPS case, Sheryl Miears is qualified to represent you in this matter.

Dedicated To Your Needs

The Miears Law Firm is devoted to protecting children and families. We have established a reputation throughout Texas for handling our cases with personalized, results-driven representation. While we fight to protect your rights and the rights of the children you love, you can rely on us to assert your best interests with compassion and integrity.

Call our Grapevine or Allen office at 817-857-4799 or email us directly. We are ready to listen and guide you toward a resolution that will allow you to move forward, knowing you did all you could to protect those you care about most.